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Don't waste time filling in online forms to get a quote for your vehicle, here's why. . . .

The Internet is cluttered with Companies that will give you an online quote for your vehicle. In some cases, the quote is over inflated, and not realistic to the amount that they will actually pay you for your car or van. For instance, some Companies will only pay the amount quoted if you have described the EXACT and PRECISE condition of the vehicle. The price can drop for a scratch on a wing mirror or no spare tyre or even a tear or rip in a seat.

Some Companies will charge an administration fee of £49.99 and also deduct VAT from the original quoted price so it is always wise to check the small print and ask if this is a GUARANTEED PRICE that they will pay you for your vehicle.

Our experience tells us that there is no better way of dealing with customers than face to face or over the telephone. This way, you know exactly what price you are being offered for your vehicle.

If you have any questions or queries about our service or prices, please feel free to contact us on 01276 506586